Contact Lenses

Hilliar & Gray Optometrists has the expertise, equipment and experience to help with any and all of your contact lens needs. We have become well-known for our fitting of speciality lenses, such as hard lenses and scleral lenses. Scleral lenses have come strongly to the fore over the last few years to provide significant improvement to persons that have not been able to find a suitable outcome with current modalities.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft lenses are the most common type of contact lenses. During a soft contact lens fitting, a patient would undergo the standard eye examination, but would then require several follow-up appointments. It is important to remember that contact lenses are medical devices and great care should be taken when using them, as well as when fitting and dispensing them. It is illegal for someone to sell these lenses without the proper training and patient care. Our patients are fitted with an initial trial pair of contact lenses and given proper instruction on the use and care of these lenses. Following an initial trial period, the patient would be asked to return to the practice for a follow-up evaluation where final adjustments would be made to the fit and prescription.

Hard Contact Lenses (Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses)

These lenses are used most often in cases where the patient presents with some form of corneal pathology, for example keratoconus. In these cases, we are unable to provide optimal vision with normal spectacles or soft contact lenses. When fitting these lenses, we conduct several additional tests to determine the shape and status of the cornea. These include corneal topography (measuring the shape of the cornea) and corneal pachymetry (measuring the thickness of the cornea). The fitting procedure requires several appointments as the patient will have a full eye examination which is then followed by a fitting session. During this session, various lenses will be fitted to the patient to establish the best fit. Once the fitting has been done, a refraction will be performed in order to determine the required prescription on the lens. The final lenses are then ordered and the patient is invited back for a dispensing appointment during which time the fit will be verified and the patient will be given instructions regarding the handling of the lenses and cleaning procedures. There will be several further follow-up appointments to try and avoid any complications.

Scleral Contact Lenses

The procedure involved in the fitting and dispensing of scleral lenses is very similar to that of hard lenses. Due to the specialised nature of these lenses, we do schedule frequent follow-up appointments and these patients are monitored very closely. These lenses are used in cases of severe corneal issues as well as for post-corneal graft patients. Scleral lenses have various other therapeutic applications, such as cases of severe dry eyes.