Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our skilled optometrists evaluate all aspects of the eye using sophisticated equipment and an experienced approach.

An eye examination at Hilliar & Gray Optometrists includes:

  • Computerised refraction – the starting point for an examination that that measures a patient’s prescription that allows for a quick comparison between the old prescription and new prescription and for the easy transfer of data from the examination to the patient’s electronic record
  • Tonometry – measurement of intraocular pressure to screen for glaucoma
  • Fundus photography – a retinal photograph to evaluate the health of the retina
  • Refraction – this process tells us exactly what prescription you need in your glasses or contact lenses
  • Slit lamp examination – examination of the external structures of the eye, cornea and lens to check for any opacities or cataracts and various other pathologies

If required, frames are then chosen and dispensed by our qualified Dispensing Optician, Andy Smart. A separate appointment will be made for collection of the spectacles. During this session, the spectacles will be fitted and verified by Andy to ensure they are comfortable and aligned properly.